Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024 Application Form

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024 is announced on 19 February 2024.Fauji Foundation Educational Stipend Scheme (FFES) provides scholarships to youngsters of retired Forces personnel(Army, Navy, Air Force, Northern Light Infantry, Defence Services Guards as well as 10-year-old Corps Mujahids). The award is made to students who are enrolled in the classes of 1 to 10, intermediate and four-year undergraduate programs. The scholarship is also given to those who are enrolled in technical and professional education. Application Deadline for Fauji Foundation Scholarships is May 31, 2024.

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024 is issued on 19th of February 2024.The FFES is a component that Fauji’s dedication to protect academic rights since its beginning at the age of 54. It has evolved in the years to become a vital way to promote access to education and academic fairness. This program is beneficial to a variety of college students every year, demonstrating its continual value and impact in the field of education.The constant commitment of FFES to helping families with army education goals has created a lasting effect. It ensures that the children of former military personnel get the same chance to succeed in their education goals, by decreasing the financial burden associated to education.

Fauji Foundation Scholarships Program 2024

TitleFauji Foundation Scholarships Program
Advertisement Issued19 February 2024
Last Date to Apply31 May 2024
Payment of StipendsJuly to September
Fauji Foundation ProgramApplication Form

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Eligibility

Students enrolled in recognized/accredited institutions meeting the following eligibility criteria can apply for the Fauji Foundation scholarship

Class I onwards: –
(a) The children of Shuhada deceased or disabled former service personnel.

(b) Children with special/disabled disabilities of former service personnel.

  • From Class IX onwards. Children of ex-servicemen and women.
  • Children with disabilities or special needs will receive an stipend upon promotion to the next class regardless of the marks they have earned.
  • Students are eligible to be eligible for a stipend during the courses they are taking, w.e.f the next day of the SOS from their father or mother.
  • A maximum of three children of an ex-serviceman who is normal in age will be given stipends in a single time period (in addition to Special/Disabled children). There is however no limit on how many children who can be included in the case of disabled, Shuhada or deceased former servicemen).

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024 Application Form

HEC Degree Attestation Fee 2024

How to apply for Fauji Foundation Scholarships?

  • The application form is available to be downloaded for free by paying the fee of Rs. 6.00 in cash at the Fauji Foundation Head Office in Rawalpindi as well as or at the Fauji Foundation Welfare Projects, or at the District Armed Services Board locations. In addition, you can download the application on the Fauji Foundation website for free or visit this link.
  • Be sure to accurately and completely fill in each part of the form with capital letters. Every part of the form must be filled in and therefore, you should not leave anything unfilled. In the future, incomplete forms will not be the norm. Be sure to review and adhere to all directions on your form.
  • Remember to fill out a form to be eligible for the scholarship each year. To be qualified to receive the scholarship, make sure that you apply earlier than the cut-off deadline each year.


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