Hajj Training Schedule 2024 Released by Government

Hajj Training Schedule 2024 Released by the Government today 28 February 2024. In a major step toward simplifying this Hajj, the Hajj experience in Pakistan is set to unveil an intricately designed Hajj training schedule as well as biometric verification of its pilgrims this week. The announcement was made by Aneeq Ahmed, minister of Religious Affairs in Pakistan, following a crucial discussion in the presence of Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador Nawaf Bin Said Al-Malki in the Saudi Embassy in Islamabad. The talks between Minister Aneeq Ahmad and Ambassador Al-Malki were focused on different aspects of the Hajj’s upcoming event and special attention to completing the arrangements for the sacred Hajj.

Hajj Training Schedule 2024

The year before, Saudi Arabia reinstated Pakistan’s pre-coronavirus Hajj limit, which allowed pilgrims of 179,210 to make the pilgrimage. The maximum age of 65 years old for taking part in Hajj is also being decreased. In 2023, around 81,000 Pakistani pilgrims opted for the system of the government, while others chose commercial travel companies. Pakistan announced the results of the Hajj 2024 lottery in 2023, deciding more than 63,000 applicants for the next trip in the plan of the government. The rest will search for the best pilgrimage experiences via private travel agencies.

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Hajj Training Schedule 2024

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