Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Download | Jan to Dec

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 is ready to be announced on 28 February 2024. We can provide you with complete information about All Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Pakistan from January to December 2024. Draws for the denominations Rs. 100 200, 750, 1500 7500, 15000 25000, 40000 and more will be held in various cities. The 2024 first draw will take place on January 15 to award a prize bond of Rs750 in Sialkot and the draw for premium prize bonds that are Rs40,000 as well as Rs25,000 will take place on the 11th of March, 2024, in Faisalabad and Karachi and Karachi, respectively.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 is announced by the State Bank of Pakistan. According to the schedule, the first Draw will be held on 15 January 2024. The results of Prize Bonds are typically reported on a quarterly schedule, but the exact date varies according to the particular amount that the bonds are. It is the National Savings Organization, which is a federal entity responsible for the management of Prize Bonds, announces the results on its website as well as in the local press.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 25

TitlePrize Bond Draw Schedule
Year2024 25
First Draw Held15 January 2024
Prize Bond ScheduleCheck Online

All Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024

These results are announced for all bond and will usually be released on various dates. You can visit the National Savings website or visit the nearest National Savings office for the most up-to-date calendar for Prize Bond results.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024





Rs. 100/-15 January 202497SIALKOT
Rs. 40,000/-15 February 202445PESHAWAR
Rs. 25,000/-15 February 202497LAHORE
Rs. 200/-11 March 202413KARACHI
Rs. 750/-11 March 202428FAISALABAD
Rs. 1500/-15 March 202497MUZAFFARABAD
Rs. 100/-15 April 202498HYDERABAD
Rs. 40,000/-15 May 202446LAHORE
Rs. 25,000/-15 May 202498KARACHI
Rs. 200/-10 June 202414PESHAWAR
Rs. 750/-10 June 202429MULTAN
Rs. 1500/-17 June 202498RAWALPINDI
Rs. 100/-15 July 202499QUETTA
Rs. 40,000/-15 August 202447KARACHI
Rs. 25,000/-15 August 202499MULTAN
Rs. 200/-10 September 202415HYDERABAD
Rs. 750/-10 September 202430LAHORE
Rs. 1500/-16 September 202499PESHAWAR
Rs. 100/-15 October 2024100FAISALABAD
Rs. 40,000/-15 November 202448MULTAN
Rs. 25,000/-15 November 2024100RAWALPINDI
Rs. 200/-10 December 202416QUETTA

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It is the National Savings Organization is responsible for managing Prize Bonds throughout Pakistan They also announce draw results on their site as well as in the local newspapers. A lot of people view Prize Bonds to be a type of savings, and they use them to meet short-term financial goals. they also consider it to be an excellent way for smaller savers to join the world of savings and investing.

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